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Energy Monitoring Solutions

Innovative Power Management Control Solutions for Enhanced Performance

Stay ahead of issues and enhance your energy management with CE+T America’s cutting-edge energy monitoring solutions, including the T2S ETH with Catena and Inview systems.

Energy Monitoring Solutions

Energy Monitoring Solutions to Help Improve Business Operations

Discover the future of power management with CE+T America’s monitoring and control systems, including the advanced T2S ETH with Catena display and our exclusive Inview monitoring system. These cutting-edge energy monitoring solutions offer unparalleled oversight of your infrastructure, enabling immediate issue detection, efficient energy management for reduced electricity bills, and minimized maintenance costs.

Embrace the power of IoT and Big Data with a system designed for seamless integration with our latest power converters. With CE+T America, you’re not just monitoring your power systems; you’re optimizing them for the future.

A Range of Solutions!

To offer what you need in terms of functionality and price, we have developed a range of solutions.

From the solution that can take you into the new world of energy management, IoT and Big Data to a simple gateway to use with third-party devices, just choose what works best for you.

Enhanced Monitoring & Control

Basic Monitoring & Gateway

This range is compatible with our latest power converters:

  • Bravo 10 – 48/120 (more info here)
  • Bravo 25 – 48/120 (more info here)
  • Sierra 10 – 48/120 (more info here)
  • Sierra 25 – 48/120 (more info here)
  • Sierra 25 – 380/120 (more info here)


Inview 5 Enhanced Monitoring & Control

Inview 5 is a powerful solution offering many advanced features:

  • Web-based user interface, responsive and user-friendly
  • Email alert & notification
  • Real-time monitoring
  • Digital input mapping to log the events
  • Easy integration with 3rd party device (Modbus, SNMP and HTTP)
  • Built-in battery management
  • Advanced cybersecurity features among many others.

On top of this, we can offer many custom solutions using our new scripting tool. Just contact your account manager to discuss your requirements.

Inview 5 is compatible with our Inview SlotInview S and Inview X hardware:

Inview GW 2 Basic monitoring & gateway

Inview GW 2 has been designed for those who don’t need all the advanced features available in Inview 5 or who use a third-party monitoring & control device.

Essential monitoring features available:

  • Web-based user interface
  • Email alert & notification (SNMP trap)
  • Log file for battery discharge or test
  • Alarm relay mapping
  • 3rd party integration via Modbus TCP (R/W)

Inview GW 2 is compatible with our Inview GW DIN and Inview GW Rack hardware:

Other monitoring solutions

On top of this new range, we still deliver and maintain our current monitoring solutions:

  • T2S ETH (more info here)
  • T2S ETH with Catena display (more info here)

Not sure about which solution to choose?

Do not hesitate to contact us to be guided through this range of solutions.

How It Works

Our focus is on creating innovative, custom-built renewable energy management solutions to best support your business. We start with a detailed assessment before designing and installing a unique energy management solution onsite for you. From there, our team is ready to support your system, no matter what you need.

Our experts analyze your current setup, creating a solution that’s customized for your business.



We design and install our modular UPS system, custom-tailored to your needs. 


Experience the benefits of uninterrupted power, cost efficiency, and eco-friendliness. 


Why CE+T Monitoring and Power Management Control Systems

Flexibility and Scalability

Modular inverters allow for easy expansion of power systems to meet growing energy demands without the need for a complete overhaul, making them highly adaptable to changing requirements.

Enhanced Reliability and Redundancy

By distributing the power conversion process across multiple modules, the failure of one unit does not compromise the entire system, ensuring continuous operation and minimizing downtime.

Simplified Maintenance and Upgrades

Our modular designs enable hot-swapping of components, allowing for maintenance, repairs, or upgrades without shutting down the entire system, thereby reducing operational disruptions and maintenance costs.

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Success Stories with CE+T America

Discover how different businesses across various sectors have leveraged CE+T America’s innovative energy solutions to overcome challenges and achieve significant milestones, driving efficiency, sustainability, and reliability in real-world scenarios.


Prepare your business with an efficient, cost-effective, and eco-friendly power backup solution. Get started with CE+T America today.

Our team is ready to build a modular UPS system that will help your business stay powered, earn money, and improve your environmental impact. Plan for potential outages and get started with CE+T America today.