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Back Up Energy Solutions and Energy Storage Solutions

Back Up Power and Electrical Energy Storage for Reduced Outages

Our unmatched blend of reliability, advanced technology, and commitment to sustainable backup energy ensures your business achieves optimal energy storage and back up energy solutions to best serve your needs.

Back Up Power and Energy Storage Systems

Our approach to energy storage and back up energy solutions is centered around providing businesses with robust, reliable, and efficient systems designed to ensure uninterrupted power supply and operational continuity.

Our energy storage solutions harness advanced energy management systems to store excess energy generated during low-demand periods, which can then be utilized during peak demand times or power outages. This not only enhances energy efficiency and reduces costs by leveraging time-of-use energy rates but also significantly increases a business’s resilience against grid instability and outages.

Our backup solutions are engineered to seamlessly kick in the moment utility power fails, ensuring that critical operations remain unaffected. These systems are characterized by their fast response times, high reliability, and scalability, catering to a wide range of business needs, from small enterprises to large industrial operations.

By integrating energy storage and backup solutions, we provide a comprehensive energy management strategy that not only safeguards against power disruptions but also supports businesses in their transition towards more sustainable and autonomous energy use.

Success Stories with CE+T America

Discover how different businesses across various sectors have leveraged CE+T America’s innovative energy solutions to overcome challenges and achieve significant milestones, driving efficiency, sustainability, and reliability in real-world scenarios.

CE+T America's Competitive Edge in Back Up Power and Energy Storage Solutions

Our energy storage and backup power solutions stand out due to unparalleled efficiency, reliability, and advanced technology integration. Designed for seamless scalability and flexibility, they can be tailored to meet the specific needs of any industry. Moreover, our commitment to sustainability and the use of cutting-edge battery not only reduces operational costs but also significantly lowers the environmental impact compared to competitors, making us the smarter choice for businesses looking towards a greener, more reliable energy future.


Our mission is to provide power solutions for mission-critical applications around the world.

Turnkey Solutions

Our power management solutions provide everything you need as you look for alternative, renewable forms of power to support your business. From power generation, storage, grid return, and more – our products are there to support you.

USA-Supported and Manufactured

All CE+T America products are manufactured and supported in the USA. We don’t rely on offshore support, which means you get your products and support faster than anywhere else.

Energy Management for All Businesses

We create solutions for a variety of scenarios. From large-scale factories that need to replace their entire backup power generator system to contractors who need a grid in the middle of nowhere, we create solutions catered to your unique needs.


Prepare your business with an efficient, cost-effective, and eco-friendly power backup solution. Get started with CE+T America today.

Our team is ready to build a system that will help your business stay powered, earn money, and improve your environmental impact. Plan for potential outages and get started with CE+T America today.