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Data Center Power Management Solutions

Our power management solutions are designed for cloud, colocation, or on-premise data centers of any size, offering secured power to enhance efficiency and reliability. With a focus on integrating renewable energy, we enable continuous operations and energy sustainability, meeting the diverse needs of the data center industry.

The Benefits of Power Management Systems for Data Centers

CE+T America’s power management solutions for data centers are designed to ensure operational efficiency and reliability, integrating seamlessly with renewable energy to support cloud, colocation, or on-premise setups.

Our Modular Inverters and Sierra Multidirectional Converters enable secure, uninterrupted power for AC and DC loads, enhancing energy sustainability and operational continuity. These systems are tailored to meet the diverse needs of the data center industry, ensuring smooth transitions between power sources and dynamic power allocation across different loads for optimized energy use.

Edge Computing for Optimized Performance

In the realm of data centers, edge computing emerges as a pivotal solution to the demands of IoT, AI, AR, and VR for lower latency and higher bandwidth. By situating processing closer to the source of data, we ensure faster, more efficient operations.

Our Modular UPS systems bolster AC equipment reliability, while our pioneering Sierra Multidirectional Converter secures both AC and DC loads within a single, adaptable module. This compact, innovative approach saves space and aligns perfectly with edge computing's flexibility and energy management needs, embodying our ECi technology's capability to seamlessly integrate with various energy sources and manage diverse power requirements.

Efficient AC Power Conversion for OCP

Modular Inverters present an optimal solution for securing AC loads for data centers utilizing DC-powered IT loads, whether part of the Open Compute Project or not. Leveraging patented third-port technology, these inverters convert DC to pure sine wave AC power efficiently, boasting a high conversion efficiency of 96% directly from the grid to the loads, without the need for additional components like batteries, battery chargers, or rectifiers.

This streamlined approach enhances overall energy efficiency and reliability in powering critical data center operations.

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Integrate Renewables with Modular Converters

Enhance your data center's energy efficiency by using our Modular Inverters, designed to secure AC loads and support connections to renewable energy sources. Our inverters utilize existing DC infrastructure and our unique three-port technology, allowing for seamless integration with renewables on both AC and DC sides.

Embrace the power of solar and other renewable power to maximize self-consumption and energy storage, ensuring operational resilience even in the absence of grid power.

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Optimized Power Management for Data Centers

Uninterrupted power supply and efficiency are paramount for data centers. A solution that seamlessly integrates various energy sources into a single, reliable reserve can significantly enhance operational continuity and energy optimization to support your business better.

Our ECi Modular Energy Mixer is our groundbreaking solution. Our approach ensures smooth transitions between power sources, avoids downtime, and dynamically allocates power across different loads, maximizing energy use. The Modular Energy Mixer, with smart modules capable of independent discrepancy management, revolutionizes data center power management, keeping services running smoothly and efficiently.

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Recommended Products

Off-Grid and Microgrid Energy Management Systems

With our solutions, end-users can be completely independent from the grid, either temporarily or permanently. If your grid doesn’t have enough energy to supply all users, our microgrid solutions and Stabiliti microgrid adaptation can help your business limit or avoid grid usage for certain periods of time.

The Watt2Go microgrid solution and other CE+T America products can also increase the self-consumption of any renewable power sources you have on-site, peak shaving your energy consumption to reduce your energy bill and even sell back energy to the grid for a return on investment.

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