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Commercial and Industrial Backup Power Solutions

Every manufacturing facility is creating something different and has its own unique process. However, one thing they all have in common is the need to keep going; downtime leads to losses. CE+T America has created modular UPS solutions and power converters to ensure commercial and industrial facilities stay online, no matter what.

The Benefits of Power Management Systems for Commercial & Industry

CE+T America’s solutions for the commercial and industrial sectors are designed to meet the specific demands of these environments, offering robust and flexible power management and modular UPS systems. These technologies ensure operational continuity, safeguard critical equipment, and enhance energy efficiency, crucial for maintaining productivity and reducing operational costs.

Tailored to support a wide range of applications, they provide a reliable foundation for businesses looking to optimize their energy use and minimize downtime, making them indispensable in today’s fast-paced industrial landscape.

Harvest and Store Lost Energy for Your Business

CE+T America offers a revolutionary solution to help harness the energy that would otherwise be lost, allowing businesses to store that power and use it for their own operations. Our NextGen UL924 UPS is designed to collect and store energy created by their elevators as they descend levels.

This power can then be utilized to provide the elevator with additional power without having to rely on the grid or any other power source or can be used to provide power to emergency lighting in critical situations. Optimize your current operations and help create a robust emergency system with the unutilized power of your elevators!

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Secure and Consistent Power for Businesses

Manufacturing processes rely on expensive equipment, which must be perfectly configured, adjusted, and maintained to operate at maximum efficiency. To support this, commercial and industrial manufacturers must have a power supply that is as reliable as their facilities.

To help ensure your power stays on reliably, CE+T America has created power back up systems to support manufacturing facilities of all kinds, no matter how unique. We’ve been serving industrial clients for decades, securing power in the chemical, health, oil and gas, desalination, water treatment, steel, and wood industries, and many more.

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Solutions for grid support and off-grid backup power for the power and utility industry.

Customizable Solutions for Unique Manufacturers

For commercial and industrial sectors seeking precision and flexibility in their power solutions, CE+T America stands out. Our solutions, centered on customizable standard modules, empower businesses to tailor systems to their unique operational needs and processes. These power converters, designed for integration into industrial enclosures up to IP54, can be customized for stringent requirements in both new and existing infrastructures. We also offer our TSI Bravo 125/120 module, engineered specifically for industrial applications.

Additionally, our modular NextGen UPS, distinguished by patented ECi technology, provides unparalleled benefits, including zero downtime and ultra-low MTTR, enhancing network security and operational reliability for demanding environments.

Off-Grid and Microgrid Energy Management Systems

With our solutions, end-users can be completely independent from the grid, either temporarily or permanently. If your grid doesn’t have enough energy to supply all users, our microgrid solutions and Stabiliti microgrid adaptation can help your business limit or avoid grid usage for certain periods of time.

The Watt2Go microgrid solution and other CE+T America products can also increase the self-consumption of any renewable power sources you have on-site, peak shaving your energy consumption to reduce your energy bill and even sell back energy to the grid for a return on investment.

Other Benefits CE+T America Products Provide


Prepare your business with an efficient, cost-effective, and eco-friendly power backup solution. Get started with CE+T America today.

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