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Why Work with CE+T America

There are multiple factors impacting business owners’ needs for power backup for their operations. While many offer options, few provide the level of dedication to ensure a high-quality product that offers a return on investment, all while reducing your company’s environmental impact.


As the grid becomes more and more unreliable, businesses need a consistent, efficient, and cost-effective solution for their power backup needs.

CE+T America’s modular UPS systems, based on ECi technology, are the solution for business owners. With our patented technology, fault-tolerant design, and easy-to-replace modules, our system eliminates the need for shutdown planning, maximizes energy management, and integrates seamlessly with renewable energy sources.

Zero Downtime

Over 30% of unplanned outages across America are due to failures in uninterruptable power supply (UPS) systems.

We’ve designed our patented Eci Technology so that all CE+T UPS systems are modular, removing all single points of failure, including static transfer switches.

Instead, modules can be removed and replaced with ease, without any procedure or expertise. This eliminates unnecessary downtime and makes continuous power seamless for your business.

Zero Cost

Since 1950, the consumption of electricity has increased 13-fold and is only expected to rise in the next few decades thanks to our increased use of power. This consumption is costly and will continue to rise unless your business can find alternatives.

CE+T offers energy management solutions like our Sierra module, which helps you balance your electricity use with tools like peak shaving, phase balancing, grid reinjection, and energy sharing.

These tools help you gain a return on investment by selling power back to the grid, and storing power to use when prices are their most costly. Instead of spending more, you’re monetizing your investment with CE+T solutions.

Zero Carbon Footprint

The US uses billions of kilowatt-hours of electricity annually, contributing to a significant level of carbon emissions. As businesses look for alternatives to lessen their impact, CE+T has solutions.

Our NextGen UPS technology facilitates the integration and power management of distributed energy resources, reducing reliance on the grid and contributing to a greener future.

We also offer solutions like our Sierra module, which is battery agnostic, compatible with renewable power, and connects to microgrid technology like our Watt2go, making it an efficient and sustainable power solution.

Together, these modules and UPS technology help your business lessen its carbon footprint and make a positive, greener impact on the planet.

Stats That Matter

6 hours

The average amount of time US customers experience without power per year. Customers in Maine, West Virginia, and California experience an average power outage time of over 10 hours.


The amount of total power outages across the USA in 2015. This number has increased over the years, thanks to inclement weather and our outdated power grid.

$27 billion

The cost of power outages for business owners across the US annually.


Prepare your business with an efficient, cost-effective, and eco-friendly power backup solution. Get started with CE+T America today.

Our team is ready to build a modular UPS system that will help your business stay powered, earn money, and improve your environmental impact. Plan for potential outages and get started with CE+T America today.