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How Our Energy Management Systems Work

Explore the workings of CE+T America’s energy management solutions and learn how we support your business’ power systems through every step of the process.

With CE+T America, experience the future of energy management, offering tailored support on every step of the journey, growing with your business needs.

Step 1: Energy Generation and Integration

CE+T America’s systems connect with a variety of energy sources. This includes traditional power grids, diesel generators, and renewable sources like solar panels and wind turbines.

The key is the seamless integration of these diverse energy sources. CE+T America’s technology ensures that regardless of the source—whether it’s grid power, a diesel generator, or sustainable solutions like solar or wind energy—your business has a steady and optimized power supply. This flexibility allows businesses to balance energy costs, reliability, and environmental impact according to their specific needs and available resources.

Step 2: Energy Conversion and Storage

The generated energy, often in direct current (DC), is converted into alternating current (AC) using CE+T America’s inverters. This conversion is crucial, as most commercial equipment and the grid operate on AC power.

Excess energy not immediately used can be stored in battery systems. CE+T America’s energy storage solutions ensure that this surplus energy is saved efficiently and ready to be used when production is low, demand is high, or there are any grid outages.

Step 3: Energy Distribution and Management

Stored energy can be distributed within a microgrid, a small-scale power grid that can operate independently or alongside the main grid. CE+T America’s modular UPS systems ensure that this distribution is seamless, providing reliable power without interruption.

Through our advanced management systems, CE+T America’s solutions monitor and control energy flow, optimizing usage based on demand, availability, and cost considerations. This smart management helps reduce energy waste and lower operational costs.

Step 4: Backup and Emergency Power

In case of a grid failure or periods of peak demand when additional power is needed, our backup power solutions kick in to provide uninterrupted power, ensuring your business operations continue smoothly without any downtime.

For remote or temporary needs, CE+T America offers transportable microgrid solutions like the Watt2Go, which can be deployed quickly to supply power where it’s needed, ensuring flexibility and energy independence in times of power outages.

Step 5: Monitoring and Maintenance

CE+T America’s systems continuously monitor the health and performance of the energy setup, providing alerts for maintenance needs or adjustments to improve efficiency.

As your business grows, our modular and scalable solutions easily adapt to match, allowing for the integration of additional renewable sources, storage capacity, or power distribution needs without a complete overhaul.


Our mission is to provide power solutions for mission-critical applications around the world.

Turnkey Solutions

Our power management solutions provide everything you need as you look for alternative, renewable forms of power to support your business. From power generation, storage, grid return, and more – our products are there to support you.

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All CE+T America products are manufactured and supported in the USA. We don’t rely on offshore support, which means you get your products and support faster than anywhere else.

Energy Management for All Businesses

We create solutions for a variety of scenarios. From large-scale factories that need to replace their entire backup power generator system to contractors who need a grid in the middle of nowhere, we create solutions catered to your unique needs.


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