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Power Quality Management

Power Management Systems for Improved Power Quality

Choosing our power quality solutions allows your business to ensure your operations are protected from power quality issues, leading to increased operational efficiency, reduced downtime, and extended lifespan of sensitive equipment.

Power Management Solutions for Businesses

CE+T America's power quality solutions are designed to ensure that businesses receive stable, clean, and reliable power, essential for the optimal operation of sensitive electronic equipment and machinery.

Power quality is crucial for the smooth operation of sensitive electronic equipment, which can be adversely affected by issues such as voltage sags, surges, harmonic distortion, and frequency fluctuations. These problems can lead to equipment damage, data loss, operational downtime, and increased energy costs.

By implementing CE+T America’s power quality solutions, businesses can significantly mitigate these risks. These solutions ensure a stable and clean power supply by correcting power quality issues and enhancing the performance and longevity of critical equipment. This not only protects your business’s valuable assets but also optimizes operational efficiency by reducing energy waste and improving the reliability of power supply systems.

Success Stories with CE+T America

Discover how different businesses across various sectors have leveraged CE+T America’s innovative energy solutions to overcome challenges and achieve significant milestones, driving efficiency, sustainability, and reliability in real-world scenarios.

The NextGen Modular UPS System for Improved Power Quality

The NextGen 50W and NextGen 100W are advanced power converters that not only provide backup power solutions but also enhance the overall quality of the electrical power supplied to your operations.

These systems are equipped with smart energy management capabilities that allow for the efficient handling of electrical energy. They automatically adjust to changes in power demand, manage energy storage effectively during low-demand periods, and supply high-quality power during peak times or in the event of a grid failure. This dynamic management helps maintain a consistent power quality level.

Offering UPS capabilities, the NextGen products also provide an immediate backup power source in the event of a grid outage. This ensures that there is no interruption in power supply, maintaining a steady and reliable power quality during transitions between the grid and backup power sources.


Our mission is to provide power solutions for mission-critical applications around the world.

Turnkey Solutions

Our power management solutions provide everything you need as you look for alternative, renewable forms of power to support your business. From power generation, storage, grid return, and more – our products are there to support you.

USA-Supported and Manufactured

All CE+T America products are manufactured and supported in the USA. We don’t rely on offshore support, which means you get your products and support faster than anywhere else.

Energy Management for All Businesses

We create solutions for a variety of scenarios. From large-scale factories that need to replace their entire backup power generator system to contractors who need a grid in the middle of nowhere, we create solutions catered to your unique needs.


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