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About Us

Innovative power solutions to keep your business running.

CE+T America is a spin-off of CE+T Power, a leading global power products company formed in 1936 with locations worldwide, including Belgium, China, India, and the USA.

CE+T Power designs, manufactures, and brings to market a wide range of energy management solutions and backup power systems for commercial and industrial customers worldwide.

CE+T America was formed in 2008 to provide turn-key power and energy management solutions for data centers, utilities, and commercial and industrial clients across North America.

We are proud to offer businesses across the continent products that:

  • Reduce their environmental footprint
  • Maximize reliability and resilience
  • Allow seamless blending of power between various energy sources
  • Provide harmonious integration of renewable energy, stored energy, and the grid
  • Offer energy management features combined with energy autonomy
  • Allow the utilization of a dormant infrastructure to support the grid and save business owners money

Key Figures

25,000+ Modules

Modules produced annually

250+ Employees

Employees dedicated to supporting you

5 Factories

Factories around the world

5 R&D Centers

Research and development centers for continuous product innovation

Our Values



A business that isn’t learning isn’t thriving. That’s why every year, we invest in our research and development department to create innovative solutions.


Cost Effectiveness

Reducing energy losses, avoiding multiple conversions, integrating renewable energies, and helping return power to the grid are just some of the ways our products help you save money.



We’re constantly improving the design and manufacturing of our products in our ISO 9001-certified factories. Our challenge is to get as close as we can to a 0% failure rate – and we’re not that far off.



A perfect, reliable system is only possible with proper installation and maintenance. That’s why we have training centers across the globe to train our team and partners on how to best serve customers like you.

Go Green

Our commitments to the environment:

  1. Our products comply with all environmental laws.
  2. We use renewable energy to power our factories.
  3. We use recycled or recyclable materials in our products whenever possible.
  4. We create converters with maximum conversion efficiency.
  5. We prioritize compactness in our products for minimal impact.
  6. We also regularly support environmental initiatives worldwide, like our work to preserve the Amazon rainforests.


Winner of the world contest organized in 2016 by Google and IEEE to produce the smallest inverter in the world.

Label received by Deloitte in 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022 and 2023 to approve the way we manage our business in terms of strategy, capabilities, commitments and finances.


Join Our Team

CE+T America is always looking for new talent to join our team. If you want to join an industry-leading company working on energy transition, 5G, or the growth of data centers, apply to join us today!

CE+T Group

CE+T America is part of the CE+T Group. Discover all the companies that create our expansive community:

CE+T Energrid

CE+T Energrid focuses on energy management solutions for European customers. The company provides residential, commercial & industrial customers with solutions to reduce their energy bills and provide power backup. CE+T Energrid offers complete solutions or building blocks for integration into third-party solutions.

CE+T Power

Founded in 1934 to provide power backup solutions in Belgium, the company has been present worldwide for several years. On top of innovative power backup solutions, CE+T Power also offers Energy Management solutions to answer the challenges of tomorrow.

Alpha Innovations

Alpha Innovations joined the CE+T family in 2019. This company has developed its expertise in the field of customized power solutions. Its core competencies are related to its own monitoring solution and third-party converters integration to create a single and easy-to-use solution.


Since its creation in 1937, Jema s.a. has acquired a unique knowledge of high-performance DC power supplies. This company designs, develops, manufactures, and provides services to companies active in the medical, glass and research sectors and requiring extreme precision, or to companies using specific technologies.


Prepare your business with an efficient, cost-effective, and eco-friendly power backup solution. Get started with CE+T America today.

Our team is ready to build a modular UPS system that will help your business stay powered, earn money, and improve your environmental impact. Plan for potential outages and get started with CE+T America today.