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Inverter Modules

Building blocks for modular inverter systems to secure AC loads.

More than an inverter.

Our patented technology provides additional AC input to supply loads directly from the grid.

As a result, you benefit from a secure power supply with an overall conversion efficiency of up to 96%. 

Our solutions are designed for modularity, reliability, compactness and cost savings.


Reach the highest reliability thanks to:

  • 0ms transfer time (grid to battery);
  • Built-in Static Transfer Switch (no single point of failure);
  • Truly redundant (power & communication);
  • Configuration in parallel (no master/slave).

We supply thousands of converters each year since the 1960s.
Designing reliable solution is our DNA.

Cost savings

Standard inverters secure AC loads through many conversions to reach a maximum overall conversion efficiency of 89%:

With our AC input, we supply AC directly from the grid (called “EPC” mode) with a double conversion efficiency of 96%:

Result: energy losses and heat dissipation reduced by more than 60%!

Easy maintenance

Need to replace a module?
Plug & Play
: simply replace the module while your installation is still running:

Hot swappable modules reduce the risk of errors and complex training.

Building blocks

These modules or “building blocks”, are used to build Modular Inverter Systems. Discover our range of UL certified systems here:

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