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Inverter Modules

State-of-the-Art Inverter Solutions for Seamless Power Conversion

Empower your business with CE+T America’s modular inverters, offering unparalleled flexibility, reliability, and ease of maintenance to meet your evolving power needs efficiently and cost-effectively.

Inverter Modules

Modular AC and DC Inverters Designed for Modularity, Reliability, and Cost Savings

CE+T America’s modular inverters expertly convert direct current (DC) into alternating current (AC), enabling seamless integration of renewable energy sources, like solar panels, into your existing power infrastructure. Our cutting-edge technology ensures that your appliances and critical systems receive stable, high-quality AC power, enhancing energy efficiency and reliability. With our inverter modules, you can enjoy the benefits of a greener, cost-effective power solution without compromising on performance or safety.

Ideal Applications for CE+T Modular Inverters

CE+T America’s inverter modules are versatile and efficient, making them ideal for a wide range of applications where reliable and high-quality power conversion is essential. Here are some of the key areas where our inverter modules can be best applied:

  • Renewable Energy Systems: Perfect for solar, wind, and other renewable energy installations, our inverter modules efficiently convert DC power generated by these sources into AC power, facilitating its use in residential, commercial, or industrial settings, or even feeding it back into the grid.
  • Backup Power Systems: In critical applications such as data centers, healthcare facilities, and telecommunications, our inverter modules ensure uninterrupted power supply (UPS), providing a reliable AC power source during outages and ensuring continuity of operations.
  • Remote or Off-Grid Locations: For areas without access to the grid or where power supply is unreliable, our inverter modules offer a dependable solution for converting power from batteries or generators into usable AC electricity, supporting everything from basic lighting to complex systems.
  • Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging Stations: As the EV market grows, our inverter modules play a crucial role in converting DC power from renewable sources or the grid to AC power needed for efficient and fast charging of electric vehicles.
  • Industrial and Commercial Applications: Ideal for powering a wide range of machinery and equipment that require stable AC power, our inverter modules can be integrated into manufacturing processes, agricultural operations, and retail infrastructure, enhancing efficiency and reducing energy costs.
  • Mobile and Marine Applications: Our inverter modules are also well-suited for use in RVs, boats, and mobile homes, providing a reliable power source for appliances and electronics while on the move, even in environments where power requirements are stringent and space is at a premium.

Designed to Support Your Business Needs

We’ve designed our inverter modules to be as easy to use as possible. Once you assess your power needs, simply select an inverter module that best meets or exceeds these requirements. Once installed, our modules can be hot-swappable for zero downtime and help secure loads through a conversion efficiency of over 96%!

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How It Works

Our focus is on creating innovative, custom-built renewable energy management solutions to best support your business. We start with a detailed assessment before designing and installing a unique energy management solution onsite for you. From there, our team is ready to support your system, no matter what you need.

Our experts analyze your current setup, creating a solution that’s customized for your business.



We design and install our modular UPS system, custom-tailored to your needs. 


Experience the benefits of uninterrupted power, cost efficiency, and eco-friendliness. 


Why Multidirectional Power Converters

Flexibility and Scalability

Modular inverters allow for easy expansion of power systems to meet growing energy demands without the need for a complete overhaul, making them highly adaptable to changing requirements.

Enhanced Reliability and Redundancy

By distributing the power conversion process across multiple modules, the failure of one unit does not compromise the entire system, ensuring continuous operation and minimizing downtime.

Simplified Maintenance and Upgrades

Our modular designs enable hot-swapping of components, allowing for maintenance, repairs, or upgrades without shutting down the entire system, thereby reducing operational disruptions and maintenance costs.

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Discover how different businesses across various sectors have leveraged CE+T America’s innovative energy solutions to overcome challenges and achieve significant milestones, driving efficiency, sustainability, and reliability in real-world scenarios.


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