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Charging the Rebelle Rally with Renewable Innovations

Rebelle Rally

About the Rebelle Rally

The Rebelle Rally is the first women’s off-road navigation rally in the US. The competition lasts 10 days and covers 2,500 kilometers of harsh terrain across the Nevada and California desert. In 2020, the Rebelle Rally introduced the Electrified Designation and introduced on-course EVs into the mix.

EV charging in the desert

Supporting the EV charging needs of the Rally is a significant challenge. These desert locations do not come with utility infrastructure. Therefore, the rally had significant needs in terms of infrastructure to get power. They needed to power charge these 7+ electrified vehicles. Indeed, EVs use a different fuel than usual cars – electricity. As a result, the drivers must charge the car batteries with enough energy to go an entire day. Along with green power leader Renewable Innovations, CE+T America has provided a reliable solution capable of supplying power anytime, anywhere.

About Renewable Innovations

Renewable Innovations is a renewable energy provider focused on using Hydrogen to deliver clean, green, and scalable
power – anytime, anywhere. For the Rebelle Rally, in addition to charging 7+ EVs, Renewable Innovations also needed to provide power to base camps – basically cities in the middle of nowhere – in four different locations. To deliver that power, Renewable Innovations brought their Mobile Energy Command – Hydrogen (MEC-H) to the Rally. Offering a large variety of grid-free products such as their Mobile Energy Command-Hydrogen (MEC-H) and Mobile Energy Command-Solar (MEC-S), Renewable Innovations supports a wide range of stationary and mobile electrification needs for the electric vehicle market. The MEC-H uses green, clean Hydrogen as the energy source for the power systems inside that charge the EVs.

Renewable Innovations truck

Solution proposed

Converting that Hydrogen into a EV charging source is exactly where Renewable Innovations shines. Inside that MEC-H is an integrated power system that takes the Hydrogen, converts it to electric power, stores that power in batteries, converts that DC power into AC power for the EV chargers. And that’s where CE+T America also shines thanks to our Modular Inverter System forming a critical part of the Renewable Innovations’ MEC-H. 

With this powerful system capable of delivering up to 560kW of power, the Rebelle Rally drivers were able to charge their EVs in these harsh desert conditions with clean power and a near-zero carbon footprint. Additionally, the MEC-H can fully recharge vehicles in approximately 20 minutes – unlike the charging experience that consumers current experience at charging stations. 

Why this choice ?

The system featured in the MEC-H is a perfect solution for any application as it offers a high-power density combined with easy plug and play modularity. Our patented ECi technology, the modular system, can blend multiple energy sources together to offer one reliable power feed for EV charging or other off-grid requirements. 

Our feedback

CE+T is excited to participate in such projects and partner together with companies like Renewable Innovations. Mario Barbaresso, CEO of CE+T America, says “We at CE+T have been very impressed by Renewable Innovations and their leadership in the renewable energy power market. We are very proud to be an integral part of their Mobile Energy Command – Hydrogen (MEC-H) that powered the EVs at the Rebelle Rally. Sharing the same passion, values and excellence in execution are the drivers behind our common desire to build a greener world. We look forward to additional opportunities that come from this synergy.” 

Let’s hit the road together again !