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Telecommunication Power System Solutions

Since the 1960s, CE+T has been providing power energy systems and backup power solutions for the telecommunications sector. Our new, patented ECi technology and innovative telecom solutions help your business minimize risk and rollout costs while building today’s 5G networks and future infrastructure. Protect your systems today and stay in power for years beyond.

The Benefits of Power Management Systems for Telecoms

CE+T America’s power management solutions and modular UPS systems offer the telecom industry unparalleled reliability and efficiency. These systems ensure continuous operation, even in the most demanding environments, by providing stable, uninterrupted power. With the flexibility to adapt to any scale of operation and the capability to support both AC and DC loads, our solutions reduce downtime and maintenance costs, making them an essential component for modern telecom infrastructures.

Edge Computing for Optimized Performance

In standard telecom setups, slow data processing and power inefficiencies often occur due to the centralized nature of grid power, leading to delays and potential service disruptions.

CE+T America has created a solution for this issue with our edge computing system, the Sierra. The Sierra multidirectional converter accelerates data processing by reducing latency and ensures a reliable power supply for both AC and DC devices, directly addressing the need for high-speed, uninterrupted telecom services.

The Sierra's automatic load adjustment and easy maintenance further eliminate common hurdles, enhancing overall system efficiency and reliability. Match this with our full range of flexible, swappable modular UPS solutions that offer zero downtime, minimal maintenance, and no expertise, and improved performance on-site is easy.

Microgrids for 5G Rollouts

5G has ushered in higher data transfer speeds, enabling a new wave of computing technologies. This new wave is exciting but will, in turn, put new pressure on energy efficiency.

Metro Grid is our micro-grid solution based on a DC distribution to support the telecom industry. Developed with a major telecom OEM, it secures antennas, saving money and time. Whether your antennas are powered directly by the grid, using an existing infrastructure, or with innovative microgrid technologies, our systems are ready to support you.

This NextGen UPS/Inverter system is an optimized solution designed to offer more power in a compact footprint with a lower cost per square foot. This solution is based on our newest generation of modular inverters and the next generation of monitoring.

Set Up Your Telecom Backup Power

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Power energy systems for the telecom industry from cell sites, core sites, and beyond.

Modular Inverter Solutions to Secure Loads and Provide Power Backup

CE+T America’s modular inverters offer a robust solution for securing AC and DC loads across core and cell sites, ensuring uninterrupted service. These inverters enhance reliability, are compact, and provide cost savings, especially as infrastructure moves towards digitalization with ICT equipment requiring AC power.

Designed to withstand harsh environments, they ensure easy installation and maintenance, suitable for base stations needing compact backup solutions. This range supports various power needs, allowing for a flexible, modular approach to meet the specific demands of the telecom sector.

Off-Grid and Microgrid Energy Management Systems

With our solutions, end-users can be completely independent from the grid, either temporarily or permanently. If your grid doesn’t have enough energy to supply all users, our microgrid solutions and Stabiliti microgrid adaptation can help your business limit or avoid grid usage for certain periods of time.

The Watt2Go microgrid solution and other CE+T America products can also increase the self-consumption of any renewable power sources you have on-site, peak shaving your energy consumption to reduce your energy bill and even sell back energy to the grid for a return on investment.

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