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Multidirectional Power Converters

Stabiliti 30C3 750/480

The Stabiliti 30C3 – 750/480 is a Smart, multiport power converter that streamlines the integration of multiple power sources, enhancing energy efficiency and extending battery life, all while optimizing power management for significant energy savings.

Smart power solution for the energy revolution.

Stabiliti CET America
AC Port 1
3Px480 Vac
DC Port 1
200 to 1000 Vdc
DC Port 2
200 to 1000 Vdc
30 kW
Power Max
Up to 360 kW

What is the Stabiliti?

The Stabiliti 30C3 – 750/480 is a versatile multiport power converter designed to connect and manage different power sources and systems, simplifying setup and maintenance. It’s designed to simplify how different power sources work together, ensuring your business has consistent power and prevents outages, thanks to optimized power use from varying sources.

The Stabiliti converter has three bidirectional ports (1 AC and 2 DC), helping to interconnect power sources and loads easily. Designed to be installed both indoors and outdoors, the Stabiliti is ideal for many different businesses. Its battery life is extended through protection against grid disturbances with galvanic isolation, and we’ve installed built-in smart tech to reduce wear on the batteries for enhanced longevity. Our use of galvanic isolation also maximizes PV production for maximum efficiency.

The Stabiliti is managed with our Maestro Power Management System for optimized power production. Our system manages the power converters linked to renewable energy sources and energy storage to help you with substantial energy cost savings.

Key Features

  • 3 bidirectional ports (1 AC and 2 DC)
  • IP54 (indoors or outdoors installation)
  • Galvanic isolation (extended battery life)
  • Compatible with multiple storage technologies
  • Black Start (allows the system to get connected with diesel generators when batteries are fully discharged)
  • Modular: from 30 kW to 360 kW
  • Compliant with MPPT and UL 1741 SA/SB

Technical Data

In/Out: DC voltage (range) 750 Vdc (200 – 1000)
In/Out: AC voltage (range) 3Px480 Vac (422 – 528)
Output power 30 kW at 60 Hz
Efficiency: DC/AC 95.5%
Efficiency: AC/AC 95.5%
Temperature -20°C to 60°C

UL1741 & IEEE1547a

Dimension 520 x 1016 mm x 406 mm
Part number 30C3

Resources and Downloads

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