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Sierra 25 48/120

The Sierra 25 48/120 is a scalable, fully bi-directional power converter, offering a broader range from 2.55 kW to 1.85 MW compared to the Sierra 10. Designed for both small and large systems with unique monitoring capabilities, the Sierra 25 is ideal for more extensive and complex energy management needs.

120 Vac
48 Vdc
AC Out
120 Vac
DC Out
48 Vdc
2.55 kW
2.75 kVA
Power Max
Up to 1.85 MW

System Details and Benefits

What is the Sierra 25?

The Sierra 25 represents an evolution in power conversion technology, standing as the world’s first fully bi-directional converter tailored for both small and large-scale systems. It extends the capabilities of the Sierra 10 by offering a broader power range from 2.55 kW to 1.85 MW, accommodating a wider array of applications such as grid reinjection and energy sharing.

Scalable from 2.55 kW / 2.75 kVA up to 1.85 MW / 2 MVA, the Sierra caters to a variety of infrastructure needs, including two and three-phase systems. The Sierra 25 stands out with its exceptional power distribution, allocating 2250W to AC output and 300W to DC output, collectively delivering a robust total power output of 2550W per module, ensuring superior performance and reliability for diverse operational needs.

The Sierra 25’s seamless scalability is key for evolving infrastructure needs, while its advanced monitoring capabilities and ease of module replacement minimize downtime, embodying a robust, efficient, and adaptable solution for comprehensive energy strategies.

The Sierra’s modularity and easy replacement feature ensures that businesses can maintain continuous operations without significant downtime. If a module stops working effectively, it can be removed from its rack and replaced with ease, requiring no engineer or additional education to replace.

Key Features

  • Secure both AC & DC loads
  • Compatible with our Energy Monitoring Solutions
  • Versatile to support many innovative, unique applications
  • Modularity: from 2.55 kW to 1.85 MW
  • Supports systems of any size

Technical Data

In/Out: DC voltage (range) 48 Vdc (40 – 60)
In/Out: AC voltage (range) 120 Vac (90 – 140)
Output power 2.75 kVA / 2.55 kW
Efficiency: DC/AC 92.5%
Efficiency: AC/AC 94.5%
Temperature -20°C to 65°C
Dimension 2U x 103 mm x 435 mm
Part number T721330201

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Multiple Versions

Available in our larger size – Sierra 25 380/277 to best suit your needs.

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