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Modular UPS Systems

Reliable and Flexible Modular UPS Systems for Every Business

Modular UPS systems offer businesses unparalleled flexibility, scalability, and reliability, with features like zero downtime, reduced maintenance, and peak shaving, ensuring operational efficiency and energy savings.

Modular UPS Systems

Helping You with Zero Downtime, Zero Cost, and Zero Carbon Footprint

Our modular UPS systems come with ECi technology that provides several advantages:

  • No single point of failure
  • Supports peak shaving
  • Hot-swappable with full plug-and-play options
  • Low maintenance and ultra-low repair time
  • Grid-tie ready
  • Smart topology
  • Fast battery charging

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Modular Systems to Best Support Your Needs

Our modular UPS systems have been designed to evolve with you and your business. Our NextGen modular UPS with ECi technology offers high availability, resiliency, and infinite reliability, and can be configured and adjusted to best suit your needs.

  • Add more modules to grow your system without infrastructure changes
  • Parallelize larger systems for a higher kW rating
  • Integrate with any type of battery
  • No need for routine maintenance
  • Avoid downtime

Save Money in Operations with Innovative Solutions

At CE+T America, we’re continuously innovating to provide North American businesses with superior power solutions.
Our latest breakthrough, the UL 924 listed NextGen modular UPS system, revolutionizes energy efficiency by harnessing the power generated by elevator operations. This pioneering system recycles 20% of the energy expended during an elevator’s ascent, capturing and storing it for future use.

By leveraging this otherwise wasted energy for subsequent elevations, the NextGen system offers a sustainable, cost-effective method to significantly reduce energy consumption and operational costs.

How It Works

Our focus is on creating innovative, custom-built renewable energy management solutions to best support your business. We start with a detailed assessment before designing and installing a unique energy management solution onsite for you. From there, our team is ready to support your system, no matter what you need.

Our experts analyze your current setup, creating a solution that’s customized for your business.



We design and install our modular UPS system, custom-tailored to your needs. 


Experience the benefits of uninterrupted power, cost efficiency, and eco-friendliness. 


Why Modular UPS Systems


Modular UPS systems evolve with your business needs, allowing you to add more modules or parallelize larger systems for higher power ratings without changing the infrastructure.

Simplified Management and Monitoring

Advanced management and monitoring capabilities allow for real-time performance tracking and swift diagnosis of issues, facilitating better decision-making and maintenance planning.

Improved Energy Efficiency

Modular UPS systems can adjust their capacity to match the load, thereby operating at optimal efficiency levels. This reduces energy wastage and can significantly lower your electricity bills.

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Discover how different businesses across various sectors have leveraged CE+T America’s innovative energy solutions to overcome challenges and achieve significant milestones, driving efficiency, sustainability, and reliability in real-world scenarios.


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