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Power Back Up Systems to Support the Power and Utility Industry

Your job is to provide energy to users across the country. At CE+T America, our job is to provide backup power solutions to ensure you can do so consistently.

The Benefits of Power Management Systems for Power and Utility

CE+T America delivers advanced power management and modular UPS systems engineered to support the robust needs of the power and utility sector. These solutions play a crucial role in ensuring grid stability, facilitating the integration of renewable energy sources, and enhancing the reliability of power distribution networks.

By offering scalable, efficient, and reliable energy solutions, CE+T America helps utility providers meet growing energy demands while optimizing operational performance and minimizing environmental impact.

Power Production

No matter the source of energy production – nuclear, wind, hydraulic, solar, or fossil – all processes are required to be operated at all times, using critical equipment to keep people across the country with power.

Ensuring the devices that create this energy are consistently running is critical, and requires a power backup solution to secure this critical production. At CE+T America, we offer systems to provide a high-quality backup power solution that supports devices like control electronics and control rods, all without requiring regular maintenance.

Ensure Consistent Power Productions

Power Transportation and Distribution

As the electricity sector evolves with renewable energy sources, stabilizing the grid becomes increasingly complex. CE+T America addresses this challenge by offering power solutions that ensure the reliability of transportation and distribution infrastructures.

Catering to both Transmission System Operators (TSOs) for high-voltage networks and Distribution System Operators (DSOs) for medium to low-voltage networks, CE+T America's technologies are crucial for maintaining a stable and dependable electricity supply, facilitating the integration of renewable energies and supporting a sustainable energy transition.

Create Reliable Power Infrastructures

Recommended Products

Solutions for grid support and off-grid backup power for the power and utility industry.

Grid Support Solutions

CE+T America recommends its multidirectional converters, monitoring solutions, and batteries for the power and utility industry. These products are designed for grid stabilization, offering grid-interactive capabilities to support energy supply when needed, and can participate in the Frequency Containment Reserve (FCR) pool to help balance the grid. This setup is ideal for managing the integration of renewable energies and ensuring a stable power supply.

Off-Grid and Microgrid Energy Management Systems

With our solutions, end-users can be completely independent from the grid, either temporarily or permanently. If your grid doesn’t have enough energy to supply all users, our microgrid solutions and Stabiliti microgrid adaptation can help your business limit or avoid grid usage for certain periods of time.

The Watt2Go microgrid solution and other CE+T America products can also increase the self-consumption of any renewable power sources you have on-site, peak shaving your energy consumption to reduce your energy bill and even sell back energy to the grid for a return on investment.

Other Benefits CE+T America Products Provide


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