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Backup Power Solutions for the Transportation Industry

The transportation sector thrives on its efficiency and continuity and requires alternative power solutions that provide that same level of consistency. CE+T America delivers on this need with renewable transport power management to ensure operations remain uninterrupted, even on the move.

The Benefits of Transport Power Management Systems

CE+T America’s power management solutions for the transportation industry are tailored to ensure reliability and efficiency across various modes of transport. These modular UPS systems and converters are designed to withstand the unique challenges of transportation, providing stable and uninterrupted power supply essential for operational continuity. They enhance safety, reduce maintenance costs, and ensure that transportation networks can meet the demands of modern logistics and passenger services, making them vital for the smooth operation of today’s transportation infrastructure.


Air travel focuses on time; every minute a plane isn’t in the air is costly. For this reason, the aviation sector must ensure their access to power and electricity is consistent to manage and support their needs properly.

CE+T America offers modular UPS systems to help distribute a secure power supply throughout your airport, protecting the area from any possible grid outages. We also offer our Watt2Go microgrid solution as a secondary energy management solution.

Continue Operations with No Losses


Transportation via ship includes specific peculiarities, including a harsh environment of salt, water, and vibrations, which all add to the difficult conditions while performing regular maintenance. Maritime businesses must look to alternative power solutions to help them avoid these challenges and ensure consistent operations while on the water.

Our highly reliable modular inverters and modular UPS systems are perfect for these needs, and work well in marine environments. Explore products like the Bravo and NextGen to see how CE+T America’s renewable energy solutions can support your travels on the water and help decrease downtime, outages, and maintenance costs.

Reduce Costs and Ensure Consistent Operations


The rail sector uses power in many ways, including digitization to better manage assets and traffic, safety (e.g. ERTMS), and communication (GSM-R and other technologies). To ensure these systems operate as intended at all times, it’s vital that railway systems have backup power solutions ready to support their needs.

CE+T America has installed converters for rail operators across the industry including signaling centers, railway stations, and track enclosures. These converters have been designed to support applications like ticketing, emergency lighting, communications, level crossing barriers, and more. All solutions we create are adaptable to different voltages, frequencies, and power levels to ensure ideal operation for the railway industry’s needs.

If you’re looking for a renewable energy management solution to support your railway systems, we encourage you to contact us now to see how we can help your infrastructure now and in the future.

Protect Railway Systems from Outages

Recommended Products

Transport power management solutions for all your needs.

Our development of renewable backup power and energy management solutions are ideal for the transportation industry, supporting different methods across the continent and their differing needs.

We recommend several solutions for businesses in the transportation sector, including our RBS, a readymade inverter package in 125Vdc designed to provide a stable AC power supply to enhance any existing DC power setup, ensuring smooth and reliable power for your needs.

The Sierra series is also recommended for the transport industry, as these modules are able to convert several power sources within unique modules, thanks to their three port systems.


Prepare your business with an efficient, cost-effective, and eco-friendly power backup solution. Get started with CE+T America today.

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