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Modular Inverter Systems

RBS 125/120

Optimize your mission-critical power supply with the RBS 125/120, a modular inverter system offering plug-and-play convenience, superior power conditioning, and robust reliability for industrial applications.

120 Vac
125 Vdc
AC Out
120 Vac
10 kVA
8 kW
Power Max
Up to 30 kVA
24 kW

What is the RBS?

The RBS modular inverter system is a comprehensive solution designed for mission-critical applications, ensuring seamless integration with DC power setups to deliver pure sine wave AC supply.

This plug-and-play system, housed in a self-standing open relay rack ideal for low MTTR applications, is perfect for environments requiring swift maintenance. The RBS can be used to piggyback DC power sources, or as a fully integrated AC power center with built in in and out protections.

The RBS offers exceptional power conditioning and reliability, capable of supporting demanding AC loads at low operational expenses, even in harsh conditions. Ideal for various industrial uses, the RBS excels in powering essential equipment like laser printers and compressors, making it an indispensable tool for ensuring uninterrupted operations.

Key features

  • Permanent AC to AC double conversion.
  • Great disturbance rejection rate.
  • Redundant AC & DC input sources.
  • Highly efficient energy conversion for improved business operations.
  • Helps preserve battery life expectancy.
  • Compact design for ease of use and operation on-site.
  • Operates until 65°C (de-rating may apply).
  • Source changeover not visible by the load.

Technical Data

In: DC voltage (input range) 125 Vdc (90 – 160)
In/Out: AC voltage (input range) 120 Vac (104 – 140)
Output power / module 2.5 kVA / 2 kW
Efficiency: DC/AC 91%
Efficiency: AC/AC 95%
Temperature -20°C to 65°C
Part number See datasheet

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