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TSI Media 48/120

The TSI Media inverter module offers a streamlined solution for converting 48 Vdc into a pure 120 Vac with an additional AC input, designed for both reliability and efficiency in two-phase or three-phase infrastructures.

120 Vac
48 Vdc
AC Out
120 Vac
1.5 kVA
1.2 kW
Max Power
Up to 48 kVA
38.4 kW

System Details and Benefits

What is the TSI Media?

The TSI Media is a modular inverter that converts 48 Vdc to 120 Vac, suitable for both two-phase and three-phase infrastructures.

This inverter module features an additional AC input for enhanced efficiency up to 94%, reducing energy loss and heat. Its design offers low Mean Time to Repair (MTTR) and hot-swappable modules, ensuring a reliable AC backup solution scalable from 1.5 kVA to 48 kVA.

The low ripple voltage ensures minimal disturbance on DC loads and batteries, making it a robust solution for varied infrastructure needs.

Key Features

  • Extra AC input for increased operational efficiency.
  • Compact design for ease of use and operation on-site.
  • No disturbances to DC loads and batteries.

Resources and Downloads

Technical Data

In: DC voltage (input range) 48 Vdc (40 – 60)
In/Out: AC voltage (input range)

120 Vac (100 – 138)

Output power

1.5 kVA / 1.2 kW

Efficiency: DC/AC


Efficiency: AC/AC



-20 to 65° C

Dimension 2U x 103 mm x 267 mm
Part number T331330201

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