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In a world where power outages and unreliable networks are increasingly common, it’s crucial for businesses to find robust, eco-friendly, and cost-efficient energy solutions. CE+T’s Watt2Go transportable microgrid power system offers a lifeline to businesses needing uninterrupted reliable power when unplanned outages occur.

UPS Split phase or Three phase, up to 211 kW.

Up to 211 kW
8 ft x 20 ft
Standard skid
DC Voltage
Up to 1000 V
90KW/172 KWh
360KW/720 KWh
Power Max
360KW/720 KWh

What is the Watt2Go?

The Watt2Go system is a flexible, mobile micro grid power system known as a “grid-on-a-skid,” providing dependable power in areas without reliable electricity or during outages. It’s a standalone power solution that can operate connected to or independent from the main grid, using a mix of renewable and traditional power sources.

The CE+T America Watt2Go system can be transported anywhere across North America via trucks and can be commissioned within 5 hours of site delivery for speedy operations. We’ve designed the system to be easy to install without the need for additional equipment and added specific benefits to support users. The Watt2Go is an AC/DC microgrid convertible, features no point-of-failure, and includes frequency response control, power factor correction, PV galvanic protection, and black-start safety features.

Made in the USA with UL-certified components and factory-integrated and tested, the Watt2Go is the ideal solution for remote businesses and acts as a reliable backup power solution in emergencies.

Key Features

  • Bi-directional (AC/DC)PCS Node
  • AC & DC Auxiliary Power Ports
  • Cybersecure Intelligent EMS
  • Protection Relays
  • BESS with BMS & Thermal Mgmt.
  • Transformers & Island Grid Switch
  • DER input Ports (i.e., PV, wind, generator)
  • EVCI L2 & L3 Fast Charging port options
  • Compatible with all standard voltages
  • Scalable power and BESS storage capacity with full interoperability
  • Pre-wired/factory testing PCS, EMS, ATS, PNP, AC/DC Aux ports, DER interconnects, transformer, and T&D equip

Technical Specs

Maximum Sustained Power (kW)


Nominal Energy Capacity (kWh)

172-431 kWh

DC Voltage

615-1000 V

On-Board Controls

Full microgrid and site controls

Energy Cycle Efficiency:



-12°F to 150°F


UL1741SA, IEEE 519, IEEE 1547, NFPA 70, CSA 22.2 #107.1; IEC62619, UL9540A, UL1973, UL9540.


8 ft x 20 ft x 8 ft

Resources and Downloads

Multiple versions

The Watt2Go is available in multiple sizes to best serve your operations:

  • W2G-90/172
  • W2G-120/172
  • W2G-120/215
  • W2G-120/258
  • W2G-150/258
  • W2G-150/344
  • W2G-210/430
  • W2G-210/431

To learn more about these products, and for help determining which is the right option for your business, please contact us.

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