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T2S ETH with Catena

The ideal monitoring solution for your modular inverter system, the T2S ETH with Catena is designed to ensure your business has all the information you need in real time.

System Details and Benefits

What is the T2S ETH with Catena?

The T2S ETH with Catena is a comprehensive system monitoring solution tailored for our TSI Nova, Media, Bravo, and ECI Bravo modular inverters.

This system facilitates in-depth monitoring from the system down to the module level and supports LAN connectivity via rear Ethernet, with a front Ethernet for maintenance. Its highly customizable alarm system, along with digital input and relay mappings, integrates smoothly with Building Management Systems (BMS) using multiple protocols like Modbus and SNMP.

This device boasts extended memory for logs, remote updates, USB connectivity for easy file transfer, and a web-based interface accessible through a 7” touchscreen or remotely, ensuring user-friendly operation and robust system oversight. Its extended memory, easy remote updates, USB functionality, and accessible web interface make it a versatile tool for enhancing operational efficiency and reliability in power infrastructure, compatible with many of our modular inverters.

Resources and Downloads

Key Features


  • 3 output relays (Major, Minor and one user programmable)
  • 2 digital inputs
  • ETH connection
  • 3 status LED (Major, Minor, OK)
  • CET Module bus
  • Rack mounting
  • 12V power supply from shelf


  • 7” LCD capacitive touchscreen
  • 3 status LED (Major, Minor, OK)
  • 1 front USB
  • 1 front Ethernet and 1 rear Ethernet (not coupled)
  • Rack or panel mounting
  • Redundant 12V power supply

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