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Inview Series

Monitor and control your entire infrastructure, be informed in case of issues, save on your electricity bill with energy management, minimize maintenance expenditures, and leverage the possibilities of IoT and big data with our Inview Monitoring Systems.

System Details and Benefits

What is the Inview series?

The Inview series is a range of live monitoring solutions designed to offer an easy, reliable way for you to know everything about the health of your energy management systems. Our system is designed to help you monitor and control your infrastructure, save on your electric with energy management, minimize routine maintenance, and grow your business.

We developed our Inview products to give you instant access to key measurements (voltage, current, power, temperature, vibration, etc.) so you have a complete overview of your power infrastructure whenever you need.

Connecting to Inview on-site is easy using its touch screen and software, or connect using your computer. Not on site? That’s no problem. Our secure platform is available online for you to monitor your infrastructure anywhere, anytime.

Inview was designed to not only act as a controller, but a complete monitoring system for your business. With this system, there’s no need to turn off converters before disconnecting the Inview for repairs and maintenance – everything works together to help you avoid single points of failure.

Best of all, our Inview system can be customized using our new scripting tools – we’ll create a unique monitoring solution exclusive to your business.

Key Features

  • Live monitoring of your connected energy management systems.
  • Connect everywhere on or off site.
  • Capacitive and resilient touchscreen.
  • Can be installed and integrated onto racks or doors for optimal use of space.
  • Email alerts and notifications.
  • Digital input mapping to log events.
  • Easy integration with third party devices (Modbus, SNMP, HTTP).
  • Built-in battery management.
  • Advanced cybersecurity features.

Resources and Downloads

Multiple Versions

Inview GW 2 Basic Monitoring

For businesses who don’t need advanced features or who use third-party monitoring and control devices, we also offer our Inview GW 2 solution, with essential monitoring features:

  • Connect everywhere on or offsite with our web-based user interface.
  • Email alerts and notifications.
  • Log file for battery discharge or tests.
  • Alarm relay mapping.
  • Third party integration via Modbus TCP (R/W).

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