T2S ETH with Catena

T2S ETH with Catena, monitoring solution for Modular Inverter Systems.
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What's in it for you?

  • System monitoring solution for inverter systems
  • Monitoring data from system level to module level
  • Rear ethernet connection for LAN connectivity
  • Front ethernet connection for maintenance and service
  • Highly configurable alarms, digital inputs and relays mapping
  • Support multiple protocols like Modbus and SNMP to be integrated in BMS
  • Extended memory for log file„„
  • Easy to update from remote location (user interface) or locally (USB)
  • File download/upload from USB stick front face
  • Basic and Expert user level access
  • Web based user interface accessible locally through 7” touchscreen or remotely from web browser
  • Compatible with : TSI Nova, Media, Bravo & ECI Bravo modular inverters

Key Features

System features:


  • 3 output relays (Major, Minor and one user programmable)
  • 2 digital inputs
  • ETH connection
  • 3 status LED (Major, Minor, OK)
  • CET Module bus
  • Rack mounting
  • 12V power supply from shelf


  • 7” LCD capacitive touchscreen
  • 3 status LED (Major, Minor, OK)
  • 1x front USB
  • 1x front Ethernet + 1x rear Ethernet (not coupled)
  • Rack or panel mounting
  • Redundant 12V power supply
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