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TSI Bravo ST 5000 48/120

Discover the TSI Bravo ST 5000 48/120, a compact, high-efficiency modular inverter system designed for secure, reliable AC power conversion. Perfect for businesses seeking a robust power solution within a minimal rack space.

120 Vac
48 Vdc
AC Out
120 Vdc
Up to 5 kVA
4 kW

System Details and Benefits

What is the TSI Bravo ST 5000?

The TSI Bravo ST 5000 is a compact, high-availability standalone inverter designed for securing AC loads at 120 Vac from a 48 Vdc infrastructure.

This inverter system features an additional AC input for normal operations, achieving a high conversion efficiency of 95%, and includes an integrated bypass for direct grid power supply during system issues. The solution also offers hot-swappable modules for easy maintenance and scalability from 2.5 to 5kVA in a single-phase configuration, all within a space-saving 2U rack height.

Key Features

  • Extra AC input for increased efficiency.
  • Compact modular inverter system reaching only 2U (3.5”) high.
  • Modularity from 2.5 to 5kVA power.
  • Integrated bypass solution for easier system maintenance or fault detection resolution.

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Technical data

In: DC voltage (input range) 48 Vdc (40 – 60)
In/Out: AC voltage (input range) 120 Vac (104-138)
Output power 5 kVA / 4 kW (N+1)
Efficiency: DC/AC 91%
Efficiency: AC/AC 95%
Temperature -20 to 65°C
Dimension 176.5 mm x 443.3 mm x 549.28 mm
Part number S32P33E0202S

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