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TPI Tier 1 Power Supply T-1PS 48/120

The TPI Tier 1 Power Supply (T-1PS) is a cutting-edge, modular inverter system designed for seamless DC to AC power conversion, offering unmatched efficiency, reliability, and scalability to meet the evolving power needs of businesses.

120 Vac
48 Vdc
AC Out
120 Vdc
10 kVA
Power Max
Up to 225 kVA

System Details and Benefits

What is the TPI Tier 1 Power Supply?

The CE+T America TPI Tier 1 Power Supply (T-1PS) revolutionizes how businesses manage power needs, seamlessly converting DC (Direct Current) to AC (Alternating Current), ensuring an uninterrupted, reliable power supply.

Our system is advantageous for environments requiring consistent and clean power, such as telecom, industrial, and data center sectors. The T-1PS’ modular design allows for hot-swappable inverter modules, making it adaptable and future-proof, allowing businesses to expand or upgrade their power systems without significant downtime or investment.

What sets the T-1PS apart is its utilization of TSI technology, which enhances power conversion efficiency and reliability while reducing the risk of failure by eliminating the need for a Static Transfer Switch. It has been designed for scalability and efficiency, meaning businesses can tailor their power systems to their precise needs, providing a cost-effective solution that grows with them.

The T-1PS’s enhanced power conversion ensures that critical applications receive clean, uninterrupted power, crucial for maintaining operations and protecting sensitive equipment. The system’s design for easy integration and upgradability makes it a smart investment for businesses looking to secure their power supply needs now and in the future.

Key Features

  • Network Equipment Building Space (NEBS) Level III compliant
  • Seismic Zone 4 Compliant
  • Energy Efficient: Our TSi technology performance is unmatched in the industry, with 95% in AC-to-AC double conversion (EPC mode).
  • Maximum Reliability: The TSi technology eliminates the Static Transfer Switch (STS), the single point of failure in a traditional inverter design.
  • Scalable: TSI features a parallel design. Modules are hot-swappable and field upgradable for your convenience.
  • Power Density: The TSi inverter has the industry’s highest power per square area.
  • Enhanced Power Conversion (EPC): Processes all incoming AC mains supply to ensure clean, reliable power is delivered to all critical applications.

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Technical Data

In: DC voltage (input range) 48 Vdc (40-60)
In/Out: AC voltage (input range) 120 Vac (104-138)
Output power

From 10 to 225 kVA

Efficiency: DC/AC 90%
Efficiency: AC/AC


Temperature -20°C to 40°C
Part number

See datasheet

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