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CE+T America introduces the Sierra 10 power converter

Products • 15.03 2022

CE+T America introduces the Sierra 10, a fully bidirectional power converter. Mission Critical presented our solution in their online magazine.

SIerra10 power converter

Sierra 10, a fully bidirectional power converter

This innovative solution has 3 all bidirectional ports which allow multiple innovative applications. Offering a small footprint — 1U for single-phase or 3U for 12 KVA (15KVA max), three-phase UPS. The three ports (two AC and one DC) built into each hot-swappable module can function as input and output. This means it can be used to secure AC and DC loads while charging batteries at the same time.

Applications for Sierra 10

Sierra 10 power converter is ideally suited for 5G deployment, cell tower, outdoor enclosure, and portable power applications that requires a UPS or inverter.

Sierra 10 for Energy Management

The Sierra power converter can also integrate with energy management applications, such as peak shavings, phase balancing, or innovative solutions based on energy sharing via a DC distribution.

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Read the datasheet
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