Energy Management

There are smart ways to meet the challenges of tomorrow. We provide innovative converters with a Power Management System to create great solutions.

Innovative technologies

We offer 3 technology platforms, each based on innovative converters with 3 bidirectional ports:

Depending on your requirements, our platforms can provide:

  • Single module to connect everything (3 ports);
  • Modular, to invest step by step;
  • Battery protection (galvanic isolation);
  • Grid disturbances protection;
  • Compatibility with many battery chemistries;
  • Compactness and lightness.

But also features for energy storage such as MPPT or specific certifications.

Commerce & Industries

Simply connect the grid, renewable energy, battery and loads (AC and/or DC) all with a one converter:

Advantages of the solution:

  • Shave peaks of consumption;
  • Increase self-consumption (renewable energy);
  • Get paid for demand response (by shifting your consumption)
  • Benefit from a pure power supply (no voltage drop, sag or surge).

Optionally, the solution can be sized to perform power backup to secure your critical equipment.


Create micro-grids by connecting different consumers, prosumers and energy sources (grid and renewable energies).

Whether on-grid or off-grid, you can dramatically:

  • Reduce energy costs (grid or generator);
  • Increase the availability (backup) and the quality of the power supply;
  • Increase self-consumption (produced by renewable).

Microgrid installation


The Maestro Power Management System (PMS), used with Stabiliti, effectively manages the power converters linked to solar panels and energy storage, resulting in substantial energy cost savings. Our Solar + Storage management solution can also provide resilient power to critical loads during grid failures, minimizing or eliminating the requirement for backup generators.

Building blocks

Select your building block depending on your voltage requirements and output power:

Building blocks AC voltage Output power
Sierra 25 – 48/120 (details) 120
2.25 to 30 kW
Sierra 25 – 380/120 (details) 120
1.7 to 50 kW
Stabiliti 30C3 – 750/480 (details) 3×480 30 to 240 kW


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