CE+T America provides a full suite of Energy Management technology services.
Our energy management experts ensure that your energy assets are designed and optimized for both grid connected and islanded operation.

Engineering services

Energy system modeling including energy reserve calculation, demand response behavior, peak shaving requirement, integration of onsite energy generation and energy storage, customized microgrid / demand response management control platform with optimum CAPEX with maximum ROI. Optimization of microgrid assets to achieve resiliency goals while keeping costs and maintenance to a minimum, definition of single line diagram and microgrid specification, utility interconnection support, design review, commissioning verification and oversight.

Diagnostic & Analyse

Whether you are already a customer or not yet, our experts can diagnose your backup solution. Taking into account your current and future needs, we make clear recommandations with a clear goal: better protect your loads at a reduced cost.


Proper installation is key to ensuring a perfect backup. In Belgium, our team offers a complete installation (including preparation, Site or Factory Acceptance Test, and commissioning). Everywhere else in the world, our network of certified and trained partners will provide you with a professional installation service.


Maintenance contracts can be tailored to your on-site maintenance team and specific requirements such as Service Level Agreement (SLA), phone support, site visits and preventive or planned maintenance. Our power converters have a 2 year warranty that can be extended up to 5 years.


We organize customer training on your site or in our training centers (Belgium and United States). The trainings are organized in small groups and cover different subjects: general knowledge, use of the system, first level maintenance, etc. Contact your Account Manager to register.

Already a customer?

Our secure platform, My CE+T, gives you access to data sheets, user manuals, test reports, check your warranty status, download the latest software versions or the sending of an RMA.

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