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How CE+T America Solutions are Zero Cost

The term “zero cost” often raises eyebrows; how can a product be zero cost if there’s a payment involved? At CE+T America, this isn’t just a catchy claim, but a comprehensive strategy designed to maximize your energy efficiency and financial returns over time.

Let’s explore how our products, from renewable energy storage systems to our modular UPS solutions, achieve zero cost, and learn how you can gain a return on your investment with your purchase from CE+T America.

CE+T America’s Comprehensive Solutions

CE+T America understands the demands of everyday consumers and has crafted solutions to alleviate those needs. Our solutions are built to be zero-cost, implementing strategies to help businesses save money and achieve a complete return on investment over time. We’re dedicated to supporting North American business owners to reach greater financial and energy independence, allowing you to rely less on the grid and more on your own power supply.

Understanding CE+T America’s Products

CE+T America’s products are designed to optimize energy management and usage, helping your business significantly reduce utility costs. Our systems provide stable power to minimize operational disruptions and their associated costs.

Our systems incorporate energy sources, and by using renewable options, you reduce both your carbon footprint and utility expenses. Additionally, our solutions enable you to sell excess energy back to the grid, creating the potential for additional income. Over time, these systems’ long-term savings and revenue offset the initial investments, achieving a net zero cost.

Product Offerings for Energy Management

Our product offerings support your energy management needs comprehensively:

How CE+T America Minimizes Costs

Reducing Downtime

Reducing downtime is a critical aspect of minimizing costs. CE+T America solutions provide a continuous power supply, maintaining your business’ operations without interruptions and minimizing operational and financial disruptions. This continuous power helps prevent data loss and damage to digital infrastructure, reducing costly and time-consuming restoration efforts. They also lower the need for frequent equipment repairs or replacements due to power fluctuations, reducing long-term capital expenditures.

By keeping machines and systems operational, productivity is maintained, avoiding the costs of an idle workforce and delayed outputs. Enhanced customer satisfaction and brand reputation are further benefits, as our reliable service delivery ensures no interruptions when your customers need you.

Optimization of Energy Use

Another key feature of CE+T America solutions is optimizing energy use. Our smart algorithms adjust power consumption in real time, reducing energy waste and optimizing usage during less expensive off-peak hours. Our systems instead collect energy and store it for your use, so you can rely on that power during times when costs are high. These peak shaving capabilities lower peak energy demand, reducing high charges incurred during maximum usage periods.

Energy efficiency improvements can also qualify businesses for green certifications and tax incentives. By managing electrical loads more effectively, operational equipment’s lifespan is extended, reducing wear and tear.

Selling Energy Back to the Grid

Selling energy back to the grid converts excess renewable energy into a profitable asset. Our renewable energy storage systems allow you to collect energy in battery storage and then return it to the grid whenever you wish. Here are a few options available across North America:

  • Net Metering allows businesses to send excess energy from systems like solar panels back to the grid in exchange for credits against their electricity bills.
  • Feed-in Tariffs (FIT) offer long-term contracts to renewable energy producers, paying a set rate for energy fed back into the grid.
  • Demand Response programs incentivize businesses to reduce power usage during peak periods with payments or credits. This creates a consistent revenue stream, which can be forecasted and integrated into the business’s financial planning.

Supporting environmental sustainability goals and enhancing your business’s public image as a green energy leader, these efforts attract customers and partners interested in sustainable practices.


Are you ready for a renewable energy solution that can save your business money? Contact CE+T America to learn how our energy management products can help you achieve zero cost today. Visit CE+T America for more information and read about our revolutionary UPS systems with zero downtime, zero cost, and zero carbon footprint here.