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Mobile Microgrid Solutions – The New Watt2go Supports Your Business with Renewable, Self-Contained Power

In a world where power outages and unreliable networks are increasingly common, it’s crucial for businesses to find robust, eco-friendly, and cost-efficient energy solutions. Modular, mobile microgrids, a revolutionary advancement in energy technology, offer a lifeline to North American businesses needing reliable power when the standard grid fails.

CE+T America is proud to announce the Watt2go (W2G) mobile microgrid, designed for rapid deployment and capable of generating renewable power within just five hours of site arrival.

But how do these transportable microgrids work? Are they right for your business? These new products on the market offer many questions, and we’re here to provide you with the answers you need before you consider a mobile micro grid solution for your business.

What is a mobile microgrid?

A mobile microgrid, also known as a microgrid on a skid, is a small, modular microgrid solution. These systems are designed to be deployed easily and arrive pre-assembled and ready to use at any site.

Once deployed, a mobile microgrid operates similarly to a standard microgrid, generating and storing power. They are ideal for remote locations that have difficulty with consistent power, temporary setups where power needs to be accessible in hard-to-reach locations, or as an emergency power solution.

Mobile microgrids include everything needed for power on-site, including power generation, storage, and control systems. CE+T America’s Watt2go includes all these features, can be fully customized to scale from kW to MW, and provides full interoperability based on customer power, storage, and voltage needs.

How does a mobile microgrid work?

A mobile microgrid provides power by integrating key components of a traditional microgrid into a compact, modular, portable unit.

It typically connects to a power generation source, like solar panels or other renewable sources, and contains an energy storage system, like a battery. These components are pre-assembled on a skid, making them easily transportable. Once installed, the microgrid can generate, store, and supply electricity, functioning either independently or in conjunction with the main power grid, ensuring a reliable power supply for various needs.

What makes them different from a standard microgrid?

The key difference between a traditional microgrid and a mobile microgrid lies in their size, mobility, and installation process. Traditional microgrids are typically larger in size and are permanently installed systems designed for a specific location. They often require complex setup and infrastructure development.

Microgrids on skids are smaller in size than the standard microgrid and are pre-assembled turnkey units that can be quickly deployed. This makes them ideal for temporary, emergency, or remote power needs, offering flexibility and ease of use not usually associated with standard microgrids.

Who are mobile microgrids for?

Mobile microgrids are designed for a wide range of users and applications.

They are particularly useful for healthcare facilities, first responders, campuses, remote communities, commercial and industrial businesses, and e-mobile businesses, as climate change triggers costly power outages. As these mobile microgrids operate both independently and alongside the main power grid, they allow these groups consistent power supply no matter the situation.

If a business or community requires reliable and flexible power solutions that can arrive quickly, mobile, modular microgrids are a top solution.

The Watt2Go Difference

CE+T America has designed its own mobile microgrid, the Watt2go (W2G), to provide the highest quality power solutions for users across North America. Each W2G microgrid can be rapidly deployed across the continent to start generating uninterrupted, secure, and reliable energy within five hours of site delivery.

The Watt2go platform is cost-effective as it comes pre-wired and factory tested. It includes all necessary components, including power conversion and management systems, power storage, transformers, and power meters, reducing the need for additional equipment and installation costs.

Our modular design architecture and standardized power conversion and power management components reduce the complexity of operations, ensuring there are no special skills to operate the W2G. With no installation team or technicians required, you’re saving money on this mobile microgrid before it starts generating power!

Better yet, we’ve found new ways for the Watt2go to save you money. Its intelligent power management system (PMS) enhances energy efficiency by managing time of use effectively. Depending on your grid, certain time-of-use periods are more costly than others. The Watt2go PMS is aware of this and will adapt your power use in these periods, drawing power from storage to help you save money.

The system also effectively handles power fluctuation and noise, reducing stress on the main grid and providing operators with real-time energy consumption and acquisition cost reports to help them remain aware of their power use.

Most importantly, the W2G, like all CE+T America products, is manufactured and supported in the USA. This means you can get your Watt2go quickly without relying on offshore shipment or support.

Credits for Businesses in the USA

The Watt2go also provides added benefits for businesses purchasing in the USA. The Watt2go qualifies for the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) investment tax credit, as well as additional federal and state investment credits for businesses purchasing the Watt2go to power fast charging stations for electric vehicles.

Mobile Microgrids are the Future of Renewable Power

In an era where climate change and power disruptions are common, mobile microgrids like Watt2go represent the future of renewable power. These innovative solutions are crucial for businesses in remote locations or those facing frequent power outages.

The Watt2go stands out with its unique features that not only ensure uninterrupted power supply but also offer cost savings and efficient power management. Let Watt2go be your reliable partner in ensuring your business thrives, regardless of power uncertainties.

Contact CE+T America today to get started with a Watt2go mobile microgrid today.