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CE+T America Introduces New Emergency Lighting UL924 UPS with Elevator Regenerative Power

The CE+T America NextGen Series Uninterruptible Power System (UPS) is designed and manufactured by CE+T America as a solution for UL 924 requirements of power equipment for emergency lighting and critical building equipment. The NextGen UL924 Series system is a Suwanee, GA-built UPS cabinet with matching battery cabinets to provide 90-minute runtime as required per UL 924, while keeping to UL 1778 requirements.

The NextGen UPS UL924 Series are equipped with patented bi-directional converters capable of harvesting and storing the energy produced by the elevator descent into a standard battery. The energy is then reused to reduce building peak energy consumption.

The NextGen UPS UL924 Series provides our customers a revolutionary method to harvest energy that would be otherwise lost. While providing an unmatched ROI, our NextGen UPS help reduce energy consumption and increase the building energy efficiency” said Eric McDonald, Director of Solution Engineering of CE+T America.

CE+T is committed to create innovative solutions. Harvesting and storing energy from an elevator is allowing our customers to Reap the benefits of a full modular zero downtime power backup system with energy savings and carbon foot print reduction.

Since 1930’s CE+T has provided advanced world class power conversion solutions. Our technology allows our customers to combine all the benefits of a full modular power system while providing unprecedent energy management features – an unmatched value proposition in today’s market” said Mario Barbaresso, President and CEO of CE+T America.

Equipped with CE+T own ECi technology, the NextGen UPS UL924 series offers Zero Downtime (hot swappable modules), Zero Cost, Zero Carbon footprint with a 5-year warranty. The product is TAA compliant – Made in USA.

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