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Rack Mount Solutions

An easy way to integrate our modules into your solutions!
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Rack mount solutions

Integration has never been so easy

Our rack systems are easy to integrate in standard cabinets and take a limited space.

We know that every project is different and we aim at being the best partner to help you create your own solution. How? By providing innovative, modular and reliable solutions !

Our own modules in it

We are not just providing any rack, we are providing an all-in-one solution including our innovative modular modules and our state-of-art monitoring.

We offer a wide range of possibilities :

  • From 1U to 3U high
  • Wide power range
  • Single or three phase
  • For small or medium loads

Just tell us what you need, we do the rest!

Solutions for small loads

For small loads, from 1 to 32kVA, you have two possibilities.

  • Bravo 10 – 48/120, the most compact inverter with extra AC input (infos)

Bravo 10 UL

  • Sierra 10 – 48/120, the world’s first fully bi-directional converter with an incredible compactness (infos)

Sierra 10 UL

Solutions for medium loads

For medium loads up to 2MW, you have multiple possibilities:

  • Bravo 25 : reliable modular inverter with extra AC input for increased efficiency
    • Bravo 25 – 48/120 (infos)
    • Bravo ECI – 380/120 (infos)
    • Bravo ECI – 380/277 (infos)
  • Sierra 25 : three bi-directional ports converters to secure both AC & DC loads
    • Sierra 25 – 48/120 (infos)
    • Sierra 25 – 48/277 (infos)
    • Sierra 25 – 380/120 (infos)

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