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What's in it for you?

The Inview family is a range of live monitoring solutions developed to offer an easy and reliable way to know everything about the health of your critical loads.

Indeed, at CE+T Power we know how important your loads are. That is why we developed the Inview family to give you instant access to key measures (voltage, current, power, temperature, vibration, etc.) for a complete overview of your power infrastructure.

Connect to Inview on-site using its capacitive touch screen and a user-friendly software or with your computer (USB, Wi-Fi or Ethernet). Not on-site? Simply use your web browser and our secured platform to monitor your infrastructure from anywhere, anytime.

Inview is configurable to send you personalized notifications or alarms and react very quickly in the event of a failure. LED indicators allow technicians to quickly understand the problem and react accordingly.

To protect your business from any interruption is our mission at CE+T Power. That’s why Inview was not designed as a controller but as a monitoring solution. This means that you do not need to turn off our power converters before disconnecting Inview for repair or maintenance. Another way to avoid another single-point-of-failure.

Key Features

  • Live monitoring
  • Extended range of measures through Measure Box
  • Connect everywhere (on-site and web browser)
  • Capacitive or resistive touchscreen
  • Rack or door integration (small footprint)
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