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Your partner of choice to interact with your power infrastructure.
The power of data

Ready for the future

By making numbers meaningful, we can enter a new era. With sensorsIoT devices and the best tools for Big Data, we can significantly improve your backup performance and save you money.

By interacting with BMS & EMS (Battery & Energy Management Systems), you can leverage the potential of new applications such as energy management.

We are ready, are you?

Be informed

Be connected to your power infrastructure everywhere through:

  • Configurable alarms and notifications;
  • Logs and reports;
  • Responsive web interface (PC, tablet or smartphone);
  • Directly on the touch screen (1.8”, 2.8” or 7”*).

The monitoring sends information from a secure Ethernet connection or via Wi-Fi*.

Inview S Slot, Inview S or Inview X*, choose the version that suits you best:

* Available soon

Easy to integrate

Do you use or develop your own monitoring device? Simply connect to ours to gather all the information you need via ETH, Modbus TCP*, SNMP v1, v2c and v3* or HTTP/HTTPS.

Depending on the version, Inview can be mounted in a rack, DIN rail, door or panel. The interface can be translated in other languages. Inview also support different battery chemistries to open up new possibilities.

* Available soon

Range of solutions

T2S ETH combined with Catena offers another monitoring solution. Launched several years ago, this field-proven solution offer a large screen in a 3U high device:

Catena monitoring is also available via a web browser interface or 7″ touch screen and communicates via an ETH connection, among other features. This solution can be integrated with third-party solutions using Modbus or SNMP v1, v2c or v3 protocols.

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