Because you cannot stop, we design backup solutions for railways, air transport and maritime.


The rail sector faces many challenges, including digitalization to better manage assets and traffic, safety (e.g. with ERTMS) and communication (GSM-R and other technologies).

We have installed many converters for the main rail operators at different levels of their infrastructure, including signaling centers, stations and enclosures along the track for applications like ticketing, emergency lighting, communication, level crossing barriers, etc. These solutions can be adapted to different voltages, frequencies and power levels.

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The air industry is focused on time because every minute a plane is stopped is expensive. For this reason, the availability of electricity must be as perfect as the way planes are managed.To achieve this, you can rely on our range of modular UPS or innovate with a micro-grid solution to distribute a secure power supply throughout your airport.
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Ships have some particularities including a complex maintenance (difficult to board for repair or maintenance while traveling for several days) and harsh environment (dealing with salt, water and vibrations).Based on our reliability-proven modular inverters, we designed highly reliable modular UPS especially for marine environments. Discover the UPS range and our all-in-one subrack solution named Flexa.

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Solutions for all your needs

Discover our dedicated solutions in 125 Vdc such as RBS, a readymade inverter package designed to provide a pure sine wave AC supply as a complement to any existing DC power solution. 

The Sierra range is also a good fit for transport applications with its ability to convert many types of sources within a unique modules, thanks to its 3 ports.

Finally, harsh environment is not an issue as our power converters can be integrated into industrial enclosures.

Industrial Solutions
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