From antennas to core sites, we provide power solutions since the 1960s for telecom operators.

With the new patented ECi technology minimizing risk and roll-out costs while building today’s 5G networks and the future infrastructure. Pay as you grow.

5G rollout

5G technology requires powering hundreds of small antennas in cities, malls and buildings.

We have solutions for you, whether the antennas are powered:

  • directly from the grid,
  • using an existing infrastructure,
  • or by an innovative “micro-grid” topology.

Metro Grid is our micro-grid solution based on a DC distribution. Developed with a major telecom OEM, it secures antennas saving money and time.

5G is set to usher in higher data transfer speeds, enabling a new wave of computing technologies. But this will put new pressure on energy efficiency, for that reason The NextGen UPS/Inverter solutions is an optimized solution designed to offer more power in a compact footprint with a lower cost per ft2. The solution is based on our newest generation of modular inverters and next generation of monitoring.

Contact us to find the best solution to power your 5G antennas.

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Edge computing

IoT, AI, AR or VR all require less latency, more bandwidth, security, resiliency, and easy management. As their availability is increasingly necessary for business continuity, for that, a containerized all-in-one solution located close to the users is certainly the best way to work.

To secure critical AC and DC equipment which automatically adapts to installed loads, we have developed the first patented ECi technology Multidirectional Converter Sierra modules. We offer a full range of flexible hot swappable Modular UPS solutions with zero downtime, ultra-low MTTR, with minimal maintenance and no expertise required to replace the module.

For application that also require DC loads, we have developed the first Multidirectional Converter, Sierra. Sierra is able to secure both AC & DC loads with a single module (saving space) that automatically adapts to installed loads.

Modular UPS
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Multidirectional Converters
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Core sites

Modular Inverters are the ideal solution for securing AC loads in core sites. When the majority of the loads to be secured are DC, our inverters perfectly complement the rectifiers by offering increased reliability, compactness and cost savings.

The digitalization of the infrastructure involves switching to ICT equipment powered by AC. For these new type of data centers, we develop complete solutions based on a DC distribution.

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Cell sites

Base stations are also critical equipment that requires a reliable and compact backup solution.

Designed for harsh environments, easy installation and maintenance, we have developed a range of inverters for loads from a few hundred watts to a few kW.

Working stand-alone or with a modular approach, you can find the right solution.

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